Valley Car Wash is the areas #1 rated car wash. We are the only car wash chain in the area that offers our customers a choice of:

  • State-of-the-Art Express Exterior Wash Tunnels
  • Laser TouchFree Automatic Washes
  • Self-serve Wash Bays
  • Oil Lube


Owned and Operated by GO Car Wash. Tunnel and Site Upgrades

Coming Soon! 

Top Rated Car Wash

3 Ways to Wash Your Ride
at Valley Car Wash

Express Tunnel

State-of-the-art soft cloth drive-through car wash that leaves other washes in the dirt!

Laser TouchFree

You know that your car will be pampered with the best touch-free high-tech Equipment available on the market.

Self Serve Bays

3 Locations with Self-Serve Bays. Hours of operation vary by location.

Unlimited Wash Club

Clean Car Everyday

No contracts and no restrictions! No, seriously, as low $24 per month, members can wash their cars every day for one low price. Join our Unlimited Wash Club today!

Our Locations

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Benefits of Joining Our
Unlimited Wash Club

No contracts, no restrictions, no kidding!

No, seriously, as low $24 per month, members can wash their cars every day! Yes, really! You’re probably wondering where the small print is but there is no catch. Join our Unlimited Wash Club today! 

  • Wash Every Day
  • Hassle-free Cancellation
  • Free Vacuum Use
  • One Low Monthly Payment

Join our Unlimited Wash Club Today!

Free Vacuums

Every wash purchase gives you access to our high-powered vacuums to clear your carpets from dirt and debris.

Free Use of Cleaners*

Cleaners are also included so you can give bring the gloss back to your interior.

Free Use of Towels*

Wipe off up those hard to reach water droplets to give your car that finishing touch with our micro-fiber towels.

Car Mat Cleaners

Clean your carpet floor mats in a few seconds! ( For dry carpets only)

*Must be returned to cart after use.

Free amenities vary per location

All-American, Environment friendly, Customer-focused

Valley Car Wash installed the first and largest Solar Roof Mounted system in Winchester/Frederick County which produces approximately 33% of our electrical needs throughout the year.

Express Tunnel Locations

Valley Car Wash #1, #2, #3, #5, and #6

Laser TouchFree Locations

Valley Car Wash
#1, #2 and #3

Self-Serve Wash Bays at certain locations

Valley Car Wash #1, #2 and #4

Oil & Lube Locations

Valley Car Wash
#2 and #6

Vending Machines

Fleet Accounts

Our Mission

Valley Car Wash strives to provide the best car wash experience in the area by providing state of the art car wash facilities coupled with the areas best customer service. With 6 locations to conveniently serve the area.