5 Halloween Pranks That Are Covered By Your Car Insurance…fear not, you’re covered.

Every year, Halloween brings out the neighborhood goblins, ghouls, and zombies, all looking for candy and maybe a little mischief. If your car winds up getting hit with broken eggs, Silly String or smashed pumpkins, you need to do you best to remove them quickly. If left on the paint for a period of time, this nasty mess can cause permanent stains that are not only unsightly but can lower your vehicle’s resale value. Check out some other interesting Halloween facts:

  • On average, there’s over $1 million worth of damage done to vehicles on Halloween.
  • Cars are, on average, twice as likely to be vandalized on Halloween.
  • There’s been an average of 1,253 insurance claims made on Halloween, with a $1,528 average cost per claim.

But not to worry- many insurance policies cover the type of vandalism that typically occurs on All-Hallows’ Eve.

1. Airborne Pumpkins

Comprehensive coverage protects you from airborne jack-o-lanterns (pumpkins) that cause damage to your vehicle. Pumpkins flying through the air — known to some as pumpkin chunkin’ — has grown in popularity over the years.  If you find yourself a victim of an aerial pumpkin attack this Halloween you can feel safe knowing that comprehensive insurance covers these damages.

2. Black Cats

Don’t get spooked! Collision insurance covers damages to your car that result from hitting a tree after swerving to miss a black cat. Sadly, if a black cat runs out in front of your car and is hit causing damage to your vehicle, those damages would be covered under your comprehensive insurance.

3. Ghostly Decoration Damages

Damages caused by decorations that crash into your car are covered by comprehensive insurance. Damages to your car caused by crashing into stationary decorations are covered by your collision insurance. If your neighbors scarecrow takes flight and crashes into your car, or if while driving home from a fun night of trick-or-treating a ghostly inflatable decoration rolls out into the street and crashes into your car any dent or ding would be covered by your comprehensive insurance.

4. Toilet Papered Car

If the pranksters scratch your car while wrapping it in TP—comprehensive will cover the damage. This Halloween prank for the most part is harmless. However, if you find that the prankster scratched your car while wrapping it in two-ply, your insurance company will probably consider this an act of vandalism and your comprehensive coverage would cover this damage.

5. You Got Egged

Arguably the most notorious, comprehensive coverage will protect your vehicle from any Halloween egging’s. Eggs can wreak havoc on your cars paint job. If you are the victim of this Halloween prank washing off the egg residue may spare your car’s paint job.

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What You Can Do To Prevent Halloween Vehicle Vandalism

Consumer Reports recommends giving your car a good wax the week before Halloween to prepare your vehicle for the holiday. And if possible, try parking your car in a garage or use a car cover on Halloween night.

Have you ever been the victim of vehicle vandalism? Tell us about it in the comments below!