car maintenance year round

As we move further into the beautiful fall season, we can admire the changing colors and warm toned scenery all around us. Driving through the countryside on a crisp autumn day is a wonderful sight. BUT, with the change of seasons comes precautions to consider. The biggest concern with our vehicles and autumn weather are the leaves falling off the trees. When left on a car for too long, exposed to the elements, leaves can cause unwanted damage to your car. Decomposing where they land, leaves can release their nature acids and have the potential for ruining the paint finish on your car. In worse case scenarios, when a wet leaf is sitting for some time it can leave an imprint of itself in the paint. Don’t neglect the importance of car maintenance year round. Summer seems to be the go to season for keeping a nice and shiny, clean car. We can easily overlook the importance of taking a few mins a week to upkeep our car in the cooler season. Keep your vehicle looking nice as long as possible with a few of the following tips.


  1. When a season has ended it’s a good idea to apply a good wax treatment on your vehicle. Adding a layer of protection to the elements will continue to protect your vehicles finish throughout each season.
  2. During the fall months, remove the leaves on your car as you see them, take a few minutes a day and brush them off
  3. Keep your car regularly washed to clean off any unseen debris. Running it through a car wash on a weekly basis is a quick and easy, hands-free way to ensure the pesky seasonal issues are taken care of.