charity car washAre you looking for an easy way to earn money for your non-profit organization? Our Charity Car Wash Program is available to all non-profit organizations at no cost to you.

How Does The Charity Car Wash Program Work?

It’s easy! When you sell our special car wash coupons, your organization keeps 50% of the proceeds. Buyers can use these coupons whenever they want at any of our four locations. And better yet, there’s no up-front money needed.

Your Chairperson simply fills out a contract accepting responsibility for the coupons and you’re on your way!

How Long Does It Last?

All sales last one month. When your sale is over, please bring your money and any coupons that remain unsold to the location where you picked up the packet. The “Ultimate Wash” coupons sell for $12.00. Your group keeps $6.00 per coupon and returns $6.00 per coupon to Valley Car Wash.

Why Not Do It The Old-Fashioned Way?

Valley Car Wash Does The Dirty Work….. By using Valley Car Wash, your organization will help protect the environment from harmful waste water.

  • You will be saving water which is crucial, especially during the dry summer months.
  • You will not have to worry about finding a facility to hold a car wash, obtaining solutions, finding enough volunteers for manual labor or the liability held by your organization for those participating.
  • No rain outs! The customer can use the car wash they purchase at their convenience.
  • Valley Car Wash is a well established company that has been in business for over 11 years.
  • Valley Car Wash has 4 locations in Winchester and Stephens City, Virginia and Berkeley Springs and Inwood, West Virginia

If you’re going to sell products to raise money, why not offer something that your friends and neighbors need and will buy over and over? Everybody needs to get their car washed, and our Charity Car Wash Program is a great way to supplement event income and help protect the environment.

Let Valley Car Wash be your partner on your next project or fund raiser. Learn more here.