cleaning the company car pixabayMany businesses provide a company car to their employees to use. Unfortunately, when people are given anything that isn’t their own, they tend to abuse it and the privileges associated with its use. At minimum, cleaning the company car to make it “last” isn’t often a top priority.

Because these cars represent the company itself, they should always be kept clean. Here at Valley Car Wash, we’ve come up with a way for you to give your employees an ‘allowance’ for cleaning the company car without actually giving them cash. We call them Auto Car Wash Tokens, or “Toke Notes”.

Toke Notes are paper wash passes that are inserted like a dollar bill into the Auto Cashier. The toke notes can only be used at any Valley Car Wash and depending on the amount of toke notes you purchase, the savings can be up to 30% off! The Toke Notes have a value of $12 (used for the ultimate wash package) and are sold in the following increments:

  • 10: $120 Value for $108 a 10% savings
  • 20 $240 Value for $204 a 15% savings
  • 30 $360 Value for $288 a 20% savings
  • 40 $480 Value for $360 a 25% savings
  • 50 $600 Value for $420 a 30% savings

If you’d like additional information or to purchase Toke Notes, please call us @ 1-888-293-4746 or email us at