The autumn season is approaching, and for most of the country, this means changing tree colors, cooler weather and pumpkin EVERYTHING; but also, it means some necessary fall car care is in order.

With winter just on the horizon, most customers may not feel the need to wash their cars as frequently. However, automotive enthusiast and blogger Scott Huntington says that you should still get your cars washed and waxed. Doing so can help shield them from the detrimental effects of fall debris like leaves, sap, mud, tar and bird droppings.

Here are five additional fall car care tips that will keep your cars looking great all season long:

  • Clear off any debris. Fall can be tough driving weather. It gets cold and dark early, and storms roll through often. You’ll need perfect visibility for these conditions, so it’s always a good idea to brush off any leaves, mud, dirt, etc., when present.
  • Check the wipers. Make sure they can wipe water and grime away quickly and efficiently.
  • Have some cloths and anti-freeze solution nearby. The harsh weather of early winter can take a toll on cars faster than you can say “Jack Frost.” We recommend purchasing cloths and anti-freeze to combat the weather.
  • Vacuum interior areas. Leaves and mud can litter your floor mats, and fingerprints can pile up on the dash. Do yourselves a favor and vacuum and wipe down your interior whenever possible.
  • Keep tabs on the important stuff. Brake pads, tires, the engine and other vital components of the car should be maintained regularly to keep the vehicle operating at optimal performance levels, especially on slippery fall and winter roads.