A Car Wash Is Better For the Environment | Valley Car WashNo matter how concerned you are about the environment, if you own a vehicle, you’ve got to wash it. Road salt, tar, dirt and other residue builds up on a car’s body and undercarriage, putting looks and performance at risk. If you’re looking to waste as little water as possible, you should be hitting up the local car wash instead of washing your own car in the driveway.

While many gallons of water are being used during the course of an average car wash, only 9 to 15 gallons of fresh water is introduced during any given wash cycle. This is possible through the use of water reclamation systems. Additionally, professional car washes empty excess waste into the sewer where it belongs. Home or parking lot car washes often run into rivers and streams, tainting them with potentially harmful chemicals.

There may come a time where home washing and fundraiser car washes are prohibited, even when rain and water is plentiful to ensure the water is properly conserved. Either way, there exists an alternative that is typically faster and even cheaper, in some cases, than washing at home and that’s your local Valley Car Wash!