Tinting our car windows has increasingly become more popular. With a wide variety of variations in tint darkness, colors, effects, and more, the customization possibilities are endless and make it hard to resist. After investing time and money into creating the perfect look for our vehicles, quality care comes hand in hand. Everyone has their own car washing routine that has proven to satisfy their needs. We’ve already discussed the benefits, pros, and cons of comparing home washing to professional, soft cloth vs. touchless, and how to care to the extra special classic cars. That being said it’s all relatively safe for handling the tint on your windows. If applied professionally, window tint should withstand all the elements.

shutterstock_10935469 There are a few tips to keep in mind to provide the best care when washing your tinted windows. 

  • Stay away from any window cleaner that contains Ammonia. Ammonia has the tendency to turn your tint film purple in color. Ammonia is typically used to remove tint from windows so it will break it down over time. 
  • Avoid scrubbing near the edges, around your windows. Scrubbing too hard near the edge can cause tearing that will quickly spread over usual wear and tear of your window going up and down. 

Our top of the line equipment and washing agents provide a amazing clean while also being safe for any car detailing you have on your vehicle and wish to last.