Professional VS Home Car WashingThere’s no doubt that in terms of quality, professional car washing wins in the Professional VS Home Car Washing debate.

Professional Car Washes

Going to a professional car wash gives a customer the assurance that his or her car is being touched by state-of-the-art materials such as hoses with a high-pressure nozzle, foam guns, microfiber cloths, car shampoos and conditioners, clay bars and polishers and waxes. Plus, professional car washes offer solutions for cleaning a vehicle’s undercarriage,the most important (and most forgotten) area to wash.

Home Car Washes

Cleaning the car at home using a water hose, sponge and dishwashing detergent not only gives less-than-satisfying results but can also drastically damage a car’s finish. Low-quality sponges and brushes can lead to th development of scratch marks. Additionally, too much exposure to sunlight may result in a car losing its original smoothness and may even burn spots in the paint.

Aside from the undeniably high-quality service is the convenience professional car washes provide to their customers. Car maintenance can be time-consuming and is better left in the hands of the professionals, if car owners are willing to pay the price.