Your car is one of the largest investments you will make, so why wouldn’t you spend a little money to take care of it? Check out our top 5 reasons to wash your car regularly:

1. To Protect the Finish

Much like changing your engine oil promotes extended engine performance, you should keep the exposed areas of your car as clean as possible to protect the finish from scratches and minimize oxidation. This means washing your vehicle once a week during the snowy season to remove the salt, grime, and mag chloride from your paint. But Winter’s not the only time to mind your finish- tree sap, bugs, bird poop, air salt (in beachy locations), and air pollution can play a role in harming your vehicle’s paint.

What is Mag Chloride?

You know that salt/sand/gravel mix that they spread on the streets and highways to increase traction for the general public? These use a chemical called “Magnesium Chloride” to lower the freezing temperature of the snow pack. Even though this makes the roads much safer for winter travel, this mixture takes a toll on your cars finish. Ultimately, it can dull your paints finish and lead to rusting of exposed metal.

2. To Maintain Your Vehicle’s Value

The better the condition of your vehicle, the higher the resale or trade-in value. Depending upon the vehicle, regular cleaning can equate to thousands of dollars in value. Acid rain, road salt, bird droppings and sun damage are just some of the threats to your car’s condition that can be addressed by regular car care.

3. To Improve Fuel Economy

Did you know that the cleaner your car, the less wind resistance? That means better fuel economy. According to MythBuster calculations, the “filth effect” cuts fuel economy by around 10 percent.

4. To Drive Safely

Washing your car regularly keeps windshields, mirrors and signal lights clean. This means better visibility.

5. To Feel Better

Let’s face it, a clean car looks better and who doesn’t feel better driving a clean car?

People invest tens of thousands of dollars on their automobiles. By removing the dirt, road grime, and harmful chemicals once a week, you can help extend the exterior finish and undercarriage as long as possible.

Use one of our automatic washes and let us protect your investment. You deserve it, and so does your car.