How to Safely Wash Your Classic CarMost owners of classic cars pamper them regularly. But taking care of your classic car is a hobby which can take up a large amount of time, including the regular wash and wax. It must be mentioned that as much as we love seeing classic cars come through our wash, some makes and models are just not suited to automated car washes. For instance, some vintage models have roofs that are naturally leaky.

The last thing we want is for your vintage interior to have water damage, so we’ve come up with the following guidelines so that you can safely wash your classic car.

1. Use Foam Spray Machines & Eco-Friendly Soaps

Today, a great deal of professional car washes use foam spray machines and softer water in order to prevent damage. There are also quite a few car washes that use eco-friendly soaps that help keep the environment clean as they are washing cars. This is great for not only modern cars, but also for classic and collectible cars.

2. Go For Touchless

If someone spends inordinate amounts of money to restore a vehicle and have it re-painted to showroom classic standard, the last thing they will ever do is put it through a bottom-dollar car wash. To avoid car wash damage, consider using a touchless car wash.

3. Dry It Off

After the car has been fully washed, it is very important for a classic car to be completely dried before it leaves the car wash parking lot. Since water contains small minerals, it will dry and leave mineral marks on the paint of a car, so it’s very important to completely dry your vehicle after washing.

Experts recommend using a soft leather chamois or a soft microfiber towel instead of regular hand towel and drying your car from top to bottom. Always be sure to dry every tiny crevice of the car, as rust is prone to set up in classic cars.

Letting dirt, grease, grime or other marks stay on a classic car without a proper washing can really ruin a good paint job and cause the value of a car to drop rapidly. To ensure that this does not happen, it is always a great idea to make sure a wash is scheduled weekly to get the car clean. If you store your classic or keep it under a tarp or in a garage, a weekly wash may not be necessary.