Summer Car Care | Valley Car Wash | VA, WVIt’s officially SUMMER and although summertime is synonymous with fun and relaxation, it also means scorching temperatures, afternoon thunderstorms and greater overall wear and tear on cars due to all that increased vacation mileage. Keep reading for our tips regarding summer car care and keep your car looking good all summer long.

Wash Your Vehicle Frequently

Giving the family chariot a thorough cleaning inside and out is not just a good way to protect your investment, but it’ll make the car a nicer place to be on those long drives to vacation spots. We recommend washing your car at least once a week; less frequently if it’s garage kept and rarely driven. A proper wash shouldn’t take that long, and it will help protect the paint of your car making it look newer for longer. Plus, the more often you care for your car’s paint, the easier it is to care for down the road. Pro Tip: Always make sure you wash your car when it has a low surface temperature – early in the morning or early evening.

Mind Your Parking Spot

The number one risk to your paint job is the sun. This is because over time, ultra-violet rays can fade the paint. The trick to preventing this is to limit your car’s exposure whenever possible. Park in a garage, shady spot or you could even consider a car cover. Ok, so you’ve followed our recommendation and parked in a shady spot. Now, you’ve got a whole other issue: birds. If bird droppings or bug guts get on your paint, always spray it off as soon as possible. The longer contaminants sit on paint, the faster it can damage paint. Finally, a seemingly innocuous threat lurks in the form of sprinklers. Think you’re killing two birds with one stone by watering your lawn and washing your car parked in the driveway at the same time? Think again. The water supplied to outdoor spigots contains minerals and impurities that can leave unsightly sunspots on your car when the water dries. But, once again, a visit to your local Valley Car Wash can serve to shield your car’s paint and mitigate the damaging effects of UV rays and sunspots. Minor efforts like the care tips discussed above help to ensure a long (and beautiful) life for your car. Sure, looks aren’t everything, but when you care about cars as much as we do—every little bit helps. Drive safe, stay cool, and travel clean this summer! Read: Cleaning Your Vehicle After a Trip to the Beach Looking to save some money at the car wash? Get $2 Off Any Automatic Car Wash with our summer promo code!