When Is It Too Cold For a Car Wash?As we all know, water freezes at 32 degrees. Anytime the temperature falls below this you run the risk of things freezing.

In a Q&A held by the Chicago Tribune, Bob Weber answered one of the most frequently asked car wash questions: When Is It Too Cold for a Car Wash?

“Unless there is already a crack or chip in the windshield, and the weather is extraordinarily cold, this is really not an issue for carwashes,” said Eric Wulf, CEO.

“The issue of freezing locks is one that many people are worried about, but it almost never happens. The keyhole is covered, and unless water is poured into the door and/or air is blown straight into that keyhole, this is also not really a risk. Plus, most drivers hardly ever use their keys anymore, with the advent of keyless entry.”

But, there are a few simple things you can do to help prevent freezing when it’s cold:

  •  Park in a garage whenever possible.
  •  Leave your car running or drive for several minutes after going thru the carwash.
  •  Spray lock deicer in your locks after you exit the wash.
  •  Put your key in every lock and turn it back and forth a number of times. This helps to displace any water that might be present.
  •  Take the time to dry off your doorjambs.